Is sustainability sustainable ( Brainstmoring questions)

Considering time we have gone since 2015 Рthe Paris Agreement, almost 1/4 part of the deadline to achieve SDGs left behind. Looking back to those years, lots of conferences, seminars, workshops  held around this issue.  But seeking the consequences of educational campaigns, how much were they effective? Or were they sufficient to cover the region?

While thinking out loud about efficiency of the UN holy motto “leaving no one behind”, do we really achieve to address concerns climate change to each individual¬† in society?

What about the unheard illiterate tribes those existence make huge difference for building the gap?

At the same another issue beats the mind here: Understanding, habits of sustainability for one nation can be dramatically differ from the developed states? And what if we can name it as huge dissimilarity of accessing to resources?

Leaving the issue open to come back later….